XAML Menu Throbbing! (Answers to Questions)

I recieved some answers to my questions :) They were quite helpful, so I will document them here just incase they ever help anyone :).

1) In the control template you can use RoutedEvents to start and stop a time line. (I don’t know how I missed this). You can also use them inside DataTemplates as well.
<EventTrigger RoutedEvent="Mouse.MouseEnter”>
<BeginAction TargetName="Timeline”>
<StopAction TargetName="Timeline2”>

These triggers are able to be placed inside a style. (link at the bottom to my example)

2) Again my mistake, I remember a error I got against the xsd saying TargetName needs to be present, but I must have been mistaken or it could have been another Element that requires it. Anyway, the following is complety valid and can be used to apply against any control.

One thing I have learnt by pure experiment is that you can have storyboards inside a ControlTemplate/DataTemplate. This means that any control that meets the TargetType criteria in the style header can access the storyboard associated with it. For my example I have attached a storyboard that will be available to all MenuItems.

3) No answer yet butI presume it will be a while before all the documentation catches up to the implementation.

Anyway here is my wobbly menu example:

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