XAML Menu Throbbing!

I had a really cool idea (well I thought it was cool anyway).

I was going to extend my “GelButton” Menu items XAML Example with some extra functionality. I was going to make each of the “GelButtons” ever-so-slightly throb when the user hovers over them. Even if the previous post never gets used I thought it would be a good learning experience.

It has been a good learning experience because I have found a few things that can’t be done in XAML (May CTP).

  1. It seems one cannot stop or start an animation in a storyboard based off the actions of a Trigger.
  2. It appears that one cannot apply a generic animation to all controls of a specific type. (I am going to stop using one refering to me or you :) ) You cannot say I want a Timeline to be run for all menu items. You (as it appears) have to create a time line for every control.
  3. TargetID is used everywhere in the XAML examples yet it no longer exists, TargetName is the one to use.

Point 3 I can deal with, but points 1 and 2 seem to be fundamental requirements for distinguishing between UI/Presentation and Application implementation. Ohwell, maybe other people will be able to recognise if this is a problem or correct me if I am wrong :).

I will post around the Internet and News Groups to see if any workarounds exist or other solutions.

I may post examples of what I think would be the correct way of doing things (ps I am normally wrong on most occasions ;))

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