Test post for a Buzz based Blog Commenting system

There isn’t much to see here just yet, but I am just writing this as a test harness for a simple commenting system that I am developing using Buzz affectionatly named commently.

Maybyly I am taking the naming too far, but this is a simple service that allows you to embed comments into your blogging platform.

The comments are synchronized with Buzz based on the feed that you push to Buzz.

It is super simple to start, simply embed the following javascript into your blog or website

The 10 second “Getting Started” guide


var handler = function(data) 
{ // data is an Buzz activity 
  // data.replies is a list of the replies to the thread 
  // data.likes is a list of the user likes on the thread 
<script src="http://commently.appspot.com/lib/comments.js?title=[Blog Title]&username=[Username]&callback=handler"></script>

Simply replace [Username] with your buzz name (paul.kinlan in my case); replace [Blog Title] with a url encoded title of your article as it appears in your ATOM or RSS feed; fill out the “handler” function with logic to construct a nice looking area for the comments.

Paul Kinlan

Trying to make the web and developers better.

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