The Failures of my First AJAX application: Part 6

This is the 6th instalment of the failures of my first AJAX application and it is subtitled "It didn’t help anyone other than myself".

To be brutally honest, when I had this idea for the AJAXTagger I think I thought I would solve my problems with tagging my posts and also everyone else's problems.

The idea is a simple one: to provide the user with tags that Technorati can pick up without the user having to manually handcraft each tag; additionally each tag would be auto picked based on the context of the journal entry.

There were some other features I wanted in the app based around related searches, citations but they had to get pulled.

As I was creating this as my first ever AJAX, XMLHttpRequest application I knew that it wouldn’t be great, but I still had delusions of grandeur.

In the end the only person it helped was me. Looking back, this is absolutely fine by me. It helped me not get bogged down by all the extra leg work to make my blog a little more special. It helped me enjoy Blogging.

So….. [I am trying to think why it was a failure, when in actual fact it was a very good learning experience].

I think the next version of the application will be more focused around what I need, but with an eye on what extra value it might provide other users. If it adds extra value to my readers then that is all that matters.

Keep watching.

If you have any features that you would like to see, email me or post a comment.

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