The Successes of my first AJAX Application: Part 9

This post is subtitled: It got me thinking about how I use

I am not too sure why I put this down as a success. There are too many things that I want to do with my blog that Blogger's Interface and features does not allow. The "Blogger For Microsoft Word" is not amazingly useful, the Posting WYSIWYG doesn't work consistently. The tags that are available don’t seem to have been improved for ages.

I would like to see a bit more innovation by Blogger, I am positive they could do loads with their software. They don't offer more than one feed per blog. I would like to extend the RSS feeds and ATOM feeds (well I am not too sure about the ATOM feed). I can't do this with Blogger. You can't configure the PING's that you would like Blogger to do for you on your behalf. You can't provide more that one link in the blog Post.

Saying that looks pretty cool, not sure I would use it though. Seeing that I live in the UK and I would have to get down all that I want in one quick call. I tend to talk in circles.

I am not really too sure what I want, I would like more control. I would like tags that are configurable (such as the number of previous posts you want displayed) and some other tags, maybe the number of posts etc.

I can't really complain, and now that I have started writing this entry I feel that I don't have any ideas to put forward to them. It is a free service, and as free services go in comparison to paid services it is very, very good.

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