Over on, David Sifry talks about some of the failures that Technorati has been experiencing whist they have been achieving great successes and tries to placate the masses by letting us know the steps they are taking to rectifying their problems.

Some of the failures they have experienced are massive slow downs in "cosmos" search and massive backlogs in their support queue.

I would like to add in my 2 pennies (2 cents (2 yen etc)) here, I sent a support request in close to three weeks ago now and have still not recieved any reply.

I know that you (Technorati) are providing a great service and it is "Free" at the point of use, but to have your site claim that within 3 business days a reply will be sent, and then not to have a reply; it is a bit silly and I am sure I am not the only one.

This isn't hate mail or anything, I love Technorati; I regularly use Technorati; Technorati has helped the readership of my blog increase massivly for which I thank no end, but you still need to get a handle on your support issues.

I will still stick with you though!!

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