Technorati, boooooo [Part 3]

After a comment from Zoli Erdos on my blog entry about Technorati, I don’t completly agree with the article, but then again the only problem I have seen is that my posts don’t get indexed correctly [although, each time that I mention they don’t about a day later they appear in the listing]

I do however agree with the following statement:

Now, let’s talk about communication: emailing techorati support is a
complete dead end. Bloggers quickly learned the trick: emailing Dave Sifry
(CEO), or perhaps Kevin Marks, or tagging blog entries with their names used to
result in a response, and sometimes even corrective action. That’s no
longer the case. I understand. The CEO personally emailing back is
not exactly scalable communication. But why doesn’t Technorati have a
searchable Knowledge Base, or at least a FAQ of known issues and
solutions? This is really Customer Service 101.

We need a FAQ, we need a knowledge base, we need better community support from your support. You can’t continue with the “support service” as is, because, it doesn’t support any service. [ps I don’t think a Wiki is the answer either, the developer Wiki is rather rubbish, the pages should just be static support pages]

I really don’t know if we should be complaining about this, after all Technorati is still a free service, it has a free access API and it has provided me with a lot of hits on my blog.

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