Update Status of AJAX Tagger 2

It is comming along quite well. The priority queues seem to work okay. I think the number of queues and the polling interval might need to be tweaked but it is still good.

One area that is not working too well is querying the Technorati search engine about the number of Post a Tag is in. It is really slow, it takes about two seconds to perform a query. That is a bit too slow. Has anybody had any experience with this? Can you speed it up by restricting the number of blogs to return in the result?

The area that I am working on is getting the related documents results back. It works okay, but needs improving. Currently it returns a count of the number of related documents for the last search only, however it includes all the documents that it finds for all the selected tags. So I need to sort that out.

Sorry for this entry being a bit haywire, but I wanted to get it all down quickly. :) (Partly as a memory aid! ;))

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