Are there any good Web Services out there?

Because I have been playing with Amazons web service, I was wondering if anyone else knew of any other good web services out there.

Specifically I am looking for UK based retail Web services like Amazon, a Tesco, Asda or Virgin etc one would be great. But any will do, I am finding it hard to find any decent easy to read resources on the Internet :) And that UDDI stuff, sheeeesh! :)

If anyone has any information on these can you post them in the comments. I would be greatful, I will report any findings as I see.


  • Amazon: Quite good but I might ask for some features
  • Ebay: Not too sure, don't really want to pay for it :)

Search Engines
  • Yahoo: Very good little REST API, I like it so far
  • Alexa: Not tried it but it looks okay, I think it is based around the Amazon API
  • Google: Not Tried it yet.

Companies I would like to see publically available API's for

  • Tescos
  • Asda
  • Dixons
  • Commet
  • Game
  • Waterstones
  • Kelkoo: Not really a retailer, but I have some ideas
  • Virgin Megastores
  • HMV
  • Easy Jet,
  • Ryan Air

The list goes on.

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