Ebay API... Can't really think of much.

After talking about the fact that the Ebay API has been made “free” to access, I had high hopes to make some programs to access it. Well I haven’t had any cool ideas yet about what to do with it.

EBay is quite dynamic, so I can’t integrate it into my Blog statically so I can’t benifit from potentially extra hits that I might get from it from search engines and the like. The only thing I can think of is to provide an AJAX style interface from each of the books that I am showing from Amazon.

I think what it is is that I am not too interested because I don’t think I could make commision from it. I know this isn’t the best reason to do the programs, but I do make my programs to serve my needs first. Take the AJAX Tagger as an example, I created it to help ME give extra information to my readers.

Anyway, if I think of any ideas I will post them here.

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