Weekly Web Development links number 5

This week is a collection from around the web..... well, my colleagues mostly. We have some performance links, a way to test on many devices quickly and a link to the Auto updating Android Web View.

Boot Strapping your own mini device lab
A long lost article of mine, but if you need to test your web pages on multiple Android devices quickly, then this is the script for you.

FLIP your animations
Paul Lewis thought long and hard about the acronym for this :) It does stick though. FLIP is a way of thinking about animations, and attempting to keep them as cheap as possible for the browser which, all being well, should translate over to 60fps animations.

Get the Auto-updating WebView to test your apps on Lollipop
If you are building anything for Mobile that is a hybrid app or uses a web view you should get on to this Beta channel. You will be able to see and test changes to the webview before they land for the rest of your users.

Very useful tool to pick CSS colours
This has actually been around for quite a while and I completely missed it. Very useful.

A preview of ES6 Rest parameters are now in Chrome
Just a really nice way of dealing with functions that take a variable number of parameters. Obviously it is not available in all browsers natively, so if you intend to use this you should look in to a transpiler and have it integrated in to your build process.

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