Response to Comment From Rafer

I am pretty chuffed I have had a comment from one more person that I don't know :) Yay. Normally it is just my colleagues or friends who post. This one I think was from Scott Rafer from Feedster.

Anyway to respond to the comment. Currently I kind of like the Topic search. I am yet to experiment with keyword search of blog content (although I do link to MSN Search).

I chose topic searches because I think that way I might be able to provide people with a more general list of related links on the complete topic as a whole and not just any blog that contains the word/words that I choose to search for.

I provide the RSS feeds, because I am keen on the process of keeping up to date with certain topics. A feed will alert me to this information. It's kind of like PubSub (I think) but I provide you with the feed topics.

However, I might simply be doing the wrong thing. There is no harm in experimenting :).

I think what I might do is provide a little section at the bottom of each post rather than the links to content. I will provide a colour coded box for each type of link. Technorati tags might be listed in a blue box, Feedster in a red and MSN searches in green perhaps. (The next post will contain this as an experiment). I don't want to be accused of Tag Spam, so they will only be related to the post.

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