The Successes of my first AJAX Application: Part 7

This post if subtitled: "It helped me publish related topics on Technorati"

One of the reasons why I created the Technorati Tag Generator was to help me create the Topical tags at the bottom of the page. Initially I had three sections: a Technorati Tag Section, a Feedster Topical search section and an MSN search section. For each post about 10 minutes was spent creating Tags and search links, and about 10 minutes for each post thinking of Tags and related searches.

I am a big proponent of Value Added Data, but what really got my goat was the fact that I had to spend about an hour creating a post, 10 minutes of which would be creating the post, and the other 50 creating the data around the post.

With the Technorati tagger, it takes all of 1 minute to create the associated tags for a particular blog post. I am really pleased with this aspect of the program.

I am less pleased however with the fact that I have had to lose the other two boxes of Value Added Data. The next version of the application will add these back in. It really needs to because I have had feedback from people who have said they have missed those boxes. Additionally if it I can't get it in the application in the second version then I will fail at some of the goals I am setting out.

The hardest part about creating the two search boxes, was that I had to crawl the search engines trying to get the searches done correctly. The next version of my application will provide related searches and also a preview of the results so that I can quickly judge whether a particular search is any good.

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