Openseach and IE7 Beta 2 update

The Opensearch spec that I wrote the other day was a little inaccurate, thanks to Michael Fagan for the comment.

Nice. I look forward to the day when all blogs offer this.Btw, yourShortName is much longer than 16 characters, the maximum, so you should be usingLongName instead.

See Also, while your OpenSearch Description file is correct, your display on theblog post uses some lowercase characters when they should be in uppercase.Somebody might get confused if they copy that and find out it doesn'twork.

I have ammended the XML so that it is more in line with the spec and includes along name. I have also added in a URL for RSS results based off Google's Blog search.

One thing it doesn't do is integrate into because the search engine is not on my domain. It is a pity really, but I can see why they do it. I could route all the search results through a proxy script but I think that would be even more unfair to Google.

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