RE: Blogniscient v. Memeorandum

Tech crunch has a little article about Memorandum and Blogniscient. I have tried them both, I didn't actually think they were that great.

I can tell you why I definatly won't be using them. I can't flipping spell their names when I type them out in a web browser!

[[posterous-content:bEyGetkiDskBgseCmqJD]]Ben Ruedlinger’s [Blogniscient]( relaunched [today]( with a completely new look and feel. An old screenshot of the service is [here](

Blogniscient is a blog news organizer that, like [Memeorandum](, uses a propreitary algorithm for determining what’s hot in the blogosphere at any given time. Unlike [Digg](, which creates news items based on user bookmarking and subsequent voting to determine front page items, Blogniscient and Memeorandum are automated.

[Via [TechCrunch](]

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