, Still that minor issue exists

Even after has been updated and Robert Scoble said the team respond quickly to feedback

They also posted and are looking for feedback on all this stuff. They react fast and seem like they are adding new features every few days.

I still haven't had a reply [or any sign of implementation] to my UI improvement suggestion. I don't think I am being silly, all I would like to hear is someone say, yeah it is good or yup kinlan you'r a fool :). I know you guys are busy, but everyone elses suggestions seemed to get taken on board.

Anyway, here is the email about feedback I sent.

Hi, I really love what you are doing on, but I still have a minor greavance with the way the "x" button on the content panes work. It seems that every pane will close even if I don't confirm the click action by releasing the mouse. It is quite annoying because you can easily remove content panes by mistake. []( []( It also seems that you respond to everyone elses critisms except this one, I don't think I am being silly and I do belive that if you fix this it will improve the useablity a bit more Kind Regards, RSVP Paul Kinlan [](

I have just re-read my email... I sound like a nag :)

Here are my related entries:[]( and [](

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