Is there a minor problem with the way technorati parses URLs

I was looking through my logs today, and I noticed that I had not had a single referal over the past day from technorati. I investigated a bit more and I noticed none of my blogs are in any of the tag searches on Technorati…. This is odd I thought.

It is my Technorati AJAX application that creates the tag information for a post now. So there must be a problem there. I checked the HTML and I noticed that a link had the following <a href=‘blurb’ rel=‘tag’>. hmmm the only thing that is slightly off there is the apostrophe instead of the double quote. I changed it so now it looks like <a href=“blurb” rel=“tag”>. Hopefully this will sort it out!.

Should Technorati be able to parse single quotes around a anchor as well as double quotes?

ps My application is fixed now too.

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