I really like parts of the design of this blog

I have been looking for a way to update my Blogs image. I like what I have, but it is quite generic.

I was looking at this site http://penandthink.com/niggle/ and I really like the way it shows the Blog post.

I am not too sure if I can really use this as a basis for my site, because I have been posting a lot recently, so it won’t stay too static…… Saying that, it might work.

A quick question for anyone out there: If you went to a Blog, do you prefer one item that is shown, or a full list?

Currently my page I show the last 30 posts. So that you can browse them if you like. Would you prefer the current entry at the top, and then a summary of entries beneath?

All emails would be greatly appreciated: paul.kinlan@gmail.com

Paul Kinlan

Trying to make the web and developers better.

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