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One of the web logs that I religously read is Robert Scobles, he has just released a book. It looks interesting, below is a synopsis. I can't wait to have a read, only problem is that is is that it is not released in the UK yet. If the XBox 360 can have a near simulataneouse world wide release why can't books [saying that I suppose harry potter did have one]

According to these experts, blogs offer businesses something that has long been lacking in their communication with customers meaningful dialogue. Devoid of corporate-speak and empty promises, business blogs can humanize communication, bringing companies and their constituencies together in a way that improves both image and bottom line. With a foreword by Tom Peters, author of such business bibles as "In Search of Excellence", this book uses more than fifty case histories to explain why blogging is an efficient and infinitely more credible method of business communication. Blogs are easily linked, allowing information to spread rapidly, and blog readers are active, not passive, participants in the communication. Business and marketing decision-makers will find themselves excited about the possibilities after just a few pages. Interviews with Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks, Bob Lutz from General Motors, Johanthan Schwartz of Sun Microsystems, and other prominent business leaders showcase how businesses are beginning to use blogs to connect with customers in new ways. It explores how blogging has changed the rules of communication and competition. It gives business owners the tools to launch an effective blogging strategy and the reasons

I lead the Chrome Developer Relations team at Google.

We want people to have the best experience possible on the web without having to install a native app or produce content in a walled garden.

Our team tries to make it easier for developers to build on the web by supporting every Chrome release, creating great content to support developers on, contributing to MDN, helping to improve browser compatibility, and some of the best developer tools like Lighthouse, Workbox, Squoosh to name just a few.

I love to learn about what you are building, and how I can help with Chrome or Web development in general, so if you want to chat with me directly, please feel free to book a consultation.

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