OPML, What is the point?

I have been reading a bit recently been reading about OPML. I have the following questions:

How can I use it?
What can I use it for?
What is it good for?

People who are talking about OPML
Robert Scoble :

To Quote Robert:

OPML is the glue that COULD bring all these things together.

From what I have read, the article I quoted infers that in the future OPML will bring together pod casts, screen casts, photo-sharing and screen casts. I personally just can't see how it could; I don't get how it is supposed to work; I don't know who supports it or if they do support it, what they do with it.

Dave Winer


If you have any links or references that you think might help me can you email me: paul.kinlan@gmail.com

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