Sphere Beta: Some inital comments

I have just jumped on to the Sphere Beta Program. I think it is okay but here are some basic feedback points:

I like the related Blogs more than I like the Blog post results. That is when I search for “AJAX” the posts that it brings back don’t really interest me, but the blogs about AJAX do. I am not too sure that I can find what I want with a search [in blog posts at least] off just a couple of keywords. I don’t know why! Maybe it is me

Things that I would like to see

  • RSS subscription of results
  • Results from - to ranges. Not just “in the last 4 months” I would like “not before 2 months ago” and “no later than 4 months”; that type of thing.
  • A search that says “find blogs post like this one” etc.

Paul Kinlan

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