RE: Ajax Framework Comparison

This is a really interesting post that I need to read more into.

Matt Harrison was talking about making choices between various Ajax toolkits, frameworks, or libraries.

He linked over to the OSA foundation and their Survey of AJAX/JavaScript Libraries.

Their survey discusses:

  • Dojo

  • DWR


  • MochiKit

  • Prototype

  • Rico


  • Scriptaculous

  • Xajax

  • Sack

  • The world of Ajax libs is an interesting one, as they cover various functionality.

    We blogged about the Ajax layers in the past:


    NOTE: Michael Mahemoff also collected framework information

    [Via Ajaxian]

    I have been doing a lot of backend work with XMLHttpRequest for my Ajax Tagger Version 2, and I am wondering if I should have bothered. I will look into some of these solutions and see what each offers.

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