RE: Ajax Framework Comparison

This is a really interesting post that I need to read more into.

[Matt Harrison]( was talking about making choices between various Ajax toolkits, frameworks, or libraries.

He linked over to [the OSA foundation]( and their [Survey of AJAX/JavaScript Libraries](

Their survey discusses:

  • [Dojo](
  • [DWR](
  • [MochiKit](
  • [Prototype](
  • [Rico](
  • [SAJAX](
  • [Scriptaculous](
  • [Xajax](
  • [Sack](
  • The world of Ajax libs is an interesting one, as they cover various functionality.

    We blogged about the Ajax layers in the past:


    NOTE: [Michael Mahemoff also collected framework information](

    [Via [Ajaxian](]

    I have been doing a lot of backend work with XMLHttpRequest for my Ajax Tagger Version 2, and I am wondering if I should have bothered. I will look into some of these solutions and see what each offers.

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