Using ML to improve developer experience.

I love watching Corridor Crew. They are a bunch of amazing SFX creators out in LA who push what is possible in VFX using what appears (to me) to be commodity hardware and tools.

They recently showed a video that pit their team against each other to rotoscope a person out of a video and put in a new background element using a variety of techniques: traditional (by hand), modern tools, new enhanced Tools, and an special ML way.

The ML way one, it took 6 minutes to complete and is a game changer (according to the team - the traditional way would take weeks etc). Best of all the tool was a web app!

It made me think. What challenges do developers have that is incredibly manual, that is hard to solve with traditional software but could be inferred..

Here's my list of challenges I want to research:

  • TBD :D

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