Microsoft Feed Manager Events Example

Thanks to Matt Dotson, who gave some code up on GotdotNet that shows how to get the GetWatcher in the Feed Management Api to work.

I had a problem the other day with it. I couldn’t get the Watcher attached to the feed. It was a simple casting problem and my misunderstanding of Interop.

Here is my code

FeedsManagerClass fmc = new FeedsManagerClass();
IFeed f = (IFeed) fmc.GetFeed(“Internet Explorer Team Blog”);
IFeedEvents_Event ife = (IFeedEvents_Event) f.GetWatcher(FEEDS_EVENTS_SCOPE.FES_ALL, FEEDS_EVENTS_MASK.FEM_FEEDEVENTS );
ife.FeedItemCountChanged += new IFeedEvents_FeedItemCountChangedEventHandler(ife_FeedItemCountChanged);
ife.FeedDownloadCompleted += new IFeedEvents_FeedDownloadCompletedEventHandler(ife_FeedDownloadCompleted);

Now my code works. I was casting to an FeedsWatcherClass rather than the IFeedEvents_Event interface.

Silly me.

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