Just Downloaded XNA Beta and I had to change the template code to get it to work

I think I am probably in a minority with the XNA, I am running on a really old athlon with a Geforce 2MX and I had to change some code because of a Device Creation Exception.

If you get some errors, check the inner exceptions and see if it is your device, i.e. Graphics Card that is causing the problems. 

In my case my device doesn't support MultiSampling on the Backbuffer so I had to add the following line to the InitilizeComponent in the Game object.


this.graphics =  new Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Components.GraphicsComponent();



this.graphics =  new Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Components.GraphicsComponent();

this.graphics.AllowMultiSampling = false;


I hope this helps.


ps if anyone wants to donate any hardware email me ;)


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