Google Search: ebay api soap wsdl

a reader visited my site the other day with the following search query: ebay api soap wsdl.

I have been trying to use the Ebay api and I have been finding it a little bit awkward to use. It appears to be a massivly monotlithic piece of API. I would have prefered that each API call have its owb WSDL and thus its own SOAP interface. This way I onlyt need to worry about the using and importing a very small stub.

I will post some code I have tomorrow but I am yet to determine if it works because for the life of me I cannot create a User Token for authenticating the request. I have tried three things none of which worked:

  1. I have tried using my Ebay Developer Account
  2. I have also tried my normal ebay account
  3. I have also created a brand new ebay account.

None of the above accounts work (it keeps aying my password is incorrect). Has anyone had any luck getting a User token for use in the API?

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