Google Search: c# convert date from uk to usa

One of the searches that came from Google to my site asked the following “c# convert date from uk to usa”.

Now I don’t really know exactly what the user was asking for, but I presume it is something fairly simple. The way that I would convert a UK date into a US date is as follows.

Read in the UK date, short format/long format whatever into a DateTime field. The output the date time using a US locale.

The following code works in vs2005.

CultureInfo cultEnGb = new CultureInfo(“en-GB”);
CultureInfo cultEnUs = new CultureInfo(“en-US”);
DateTime dtGb = Convert.ToDateTime(textBox1.Text, cultEnGb.DateTimeFormat);
textBox2.Text = dtGb.ToString(cultEnUs.DateTimeFormat.ShortDatePattern);

It reads in the date and tries to load the text as a UK Date from the first textbox and then it uses the US locale to output the string into the second textbox.

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