Google Desktop Beta 2 and IE7

I have been using Google Desktop Beta 2 for a couple of days, I have not really needed to use the searching functionality, but I can tell you this, it really slows my machine down.

Browsing the Web is so slow now, each page can take an absolute age to render.

I have also noticed Tabbed Browsing in IE7 (Internet Explorer 7) is pretty much useless on my machine now, if I go to one tab, type the address in that I want to go to, then move to another tab, the content will be displayed in the window I have just moved too. Arghh! I am pretty darn sure that this has to do with.

Additionally, trying to type in to the WYSIWYG editor on Blogger is a harrowing experience; 8 times so far, whilst writing this Entry has the Browser inexplicably locked up.

GoogleDesktopCrawl.exe seems to constantly take 99% of the processor utilazation up, with no sign of my Personal index being increased.

Outlook Integration is pretty darn slow on my machine too. If an email comes in, it appears google desktop will index it, however if you try to move the email to another folder it will lock Outlook up for a short while. And don't get me started about IMAP. For one reason or another, I have IMAP set up in Outlook, with GoogleDesktop tied in, I am pretty sure it downloads all the contents of my IMAP account each time an email comes in.

Additionally all the News is USA Biased, whilst I have nothing against this, I would like to see some UK news please.

The Whats Hot Widget is pretty nice, and for all my complaining it is quite handy to have the Email Tab integrate in to Gmail. However, the Email Widget doesn't seem to have any decent ordering on the email list.

Google Desktop; No Thanks! I am going to remove it in a couple of days.

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