Bloggers New Tool

Blogger have released a new product. Just when I filled in the survey saying there weren't developing enough cool new stuff to keep me interested they come out with this:Word Blogger, which I think I will call Worger! :)

This is a plugin for Microsoft Word that lets you post a Word document direct to your blog. I can't wait to have a go, it looks interesting. Does anyone have any reviews of it yet? Does it keep the exact format of your Word document?

This is actually quite a timely software release, I was getting really annoyed with the WSIWYG editor that I had gone back to plain mode. Why the WSYWIG editor can't do lists, paragraphs and blockelements correctly is beyond me. (it does tag links and email addresses nicely though!)

Anyway, I will give it a try and post my feed back on my blog.

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