A simple video insertion tool for EditorJS

I really like EditorJS. It’s let me create a very simple web-hosted interface for my static Hugo blog.

EditorJS has most of what I need in a simple block-based editor. It has a plugin for headers, code, and even a simple way to add images to the editor without requiring hosting infrastructure. It doesn’t have a simple way to add video’s to the editor, until now.

I took the simple-image plugin repository and changed it up (just a tad) to create a simple-video plugin (npm module). Now I can include videos easily in this blog.

If you are familar with EditorJS, it’s rather simple to include in your projects. Just install it as follows

npm i simple-video-editorjs

And then just include it in your project as you see fit.

const SimpleVideo = require('simple-video-editorjs');

var editor = EditorJS({
  tools: {
    video: SimpleVideo,

The editor has some simple options that let you configure how the video should be hosted in the page:

  1. Autoplay - will the video play automatically when the page loads
  2. muted - will the video not have sound on by default (needed for autoplay)
  3. controls - will the video have the default HTML controls.

Below is a quick example of a video that is embedded (and showing some of the options).

Anyway, I had fun creating this little plugin - it was not too hard to create and about the only thing that I did was defer the conversion to base64 which simple-images uses and instead just use the Blob URLs.

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