Array.prototype.splice and a schoolboy error.

The other day I posted about there being no 'delete an arbitrary element' method on Array in Javascrip. The problem being that I tried the solution I am about to present, but made the biggest School Boy Error possible – I didn't read the documentation correctly!

Whilst I maintain that my solution removes the need to first find the elements, and then delete them (which is better ;). It must be noted that Array.prototype.splice allows you to remove arbitrary elements if you know the index and the number of elements you want to remove.

Anyway, here goes, to remove 1 element from an Array from an arbitrary position:

var values = ["Ah", "hello", "world"];
var result = values.splice(1,1);

This removes the 'hello' from the values array in place and returns the elements removed. The result is values = ['Ah', 'world'] and result = ['hello']

Thanks to @dezfowler

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