I have invested in some Adwords Advertising campaigns, for this site and also my I will let you know how they get on but for now they are bringing an extra 60 visitors each to both sites on average a day [which I can afford :)]

I am still in the early stages and I have been playing around with differnt things to see how they work, but I have tuned off adverts in googles search results because they were costing too much.

I managed to get 600,000 advert impressions the other day for my domain, but I cannot tell what keywords they are hitting and on what sites they are displayed. The Click though rate was quite low though.

If anyone has some good “Marketing ideas” let me know.

If you came to this site via an adsense advert let me know what you thought of the advert and of my site. []. Also if you could tell me the site you came from that would be brilliant.

I am thinking of highlighting specific posts I make with adverts on the google network. It seems likea good way to get people directly to posts I want them to see on my site.

Paul Kinlan

Trying to make the web and developers better.

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