A couple of things that I would love to see

There are a few little services that I would love to see on the web, but I can't seem to find them anywhere.

  • Twitter Favourites -> Instapaper (or xyz)
  • I can't seem to find anything like this, but I would love to see a webhook that sends things to Instapaper, I hate that I have to wait for integration of a 3rd party app to be able to send things to Instapaper or another service that I use.
  • RSS -> Email
    • I know these have existed in the past, and some exist now like on FeedBurner - but all of these services send email archive of blog posts and not even the full blog post at that.  Posterous is part of the way there. I spend most of my day in email, so it is really easy for me to read an individual mail - I can filter it so that they are in a separate area that I can they use to quickly grok what I am interested in.  I don't particularly want to go to Google Reader etc.  Ideally it would be pubsubhubbub enabled so I can get the email nearly straight away.
    More to come when I think of them.

    If they don't exist, I might create them as Open projects soon.

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