1 hour later and I have made the Delicious Automatic Tagger

I am quite pleased with myself. After 1 hour and using the Framework I have been creating for a while for the AJAX Tagger I have created a piece of software that will automatically post to Delicious the tags that are related to any page on www.kinlan.co.uk.

It only works on Kinlan.co.uk, but it you have a Delicious Account please try this and let me know if I should develop it futher.

Here are the instructions, Press "Goto", When the page has loaded press "Analyze". Once the Tags Come Back, select the ones you want and type in your Delicious username and password and then press "Submit".

The passwords are sent plain text, but this is the way Delicious does it and I don't process them because I call Delicious straight away.

IE6+ is needed and so is The Cross Domain Data Island support.

It works for anypage on my site. I will endeavour to get some support for sites outside my domain.


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