Word Blogger, Things I would like to see

I have been playing with the Blogger Tool for Windows, and there are some features that I would like to see go into future versions:

  1. The ability to edit the HTML before uploading to the Blogger.
  2. The ability to add Images
  3. The ability to add Tables
  4. The ability to add Select styles to text that is based on a style that I define
  5. Correctly create Ordered Lists and Unordered list. Currently all lists are un-ordered
  6. If I provide a shading for an element, I would like it be applied to the element in the HTML

This tool is way off from being "feature" complete, but it is a good start. I probably won't be using it too much because I like having the control over what goes into a post. I might use it to "Save as Draft" and then edit it later. I can get through loads of text without having to worry about my Tagging system or other styling stuff.

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