Update about IE7 Feeds not working

I have not been keeping the list of feeds that don’t work in IE7 up to date for several reasons. The major reason is that I was in the middle of emailing Sean Lyndersay who is a Lead Program Manager on the RSS team.

He confirmed that the sites I had listed do in fact work with Internet Explorer 7 Beta 1 and that potentially there is a bug in the RSS code that makes all the feeds not viewable. I confirmed that every single Feed I look at doesn’t render correctly anymore. Anyway, after a little email he said that the RSS code (i think for the conversion of feeds in to the “pretty” form) has been looked at and has been completely re-written for Beta 2.

He also confirmed that he has seen some feeds that don’t render correctly although in his experience it is intermittent. However, in my case it is permanent; none of the feeds render, but that might be a configuration issue.

Anyway, heres looking forward to Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2!. Thanks Sean!

Paul Kinlan

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