The Wordle Wide Web

I was idly musing the other month that I've not seen so much hacking on web projects since I started web development back in 97, as I've recently seen with people building around the ideas for web3.

I was very happy to see Wordle, the game created by Josh Wardle, re-introduce what the web is great for to so many new people, both for regular users of the web and developers. It's a fun game, it works well on mobile, it's easy to access (via a link), it's quick to load, it's not loaded with ads, it's easy to use, it's easy to install if you want and not push if you don't, and doesn't hit you with notifications, and it's inspired developers to create similar experiences.

If you want to hear about how this was built and the thinking behind it, check out this video with Marques & Josh, it offers some great insight and is just an all round nice video to watch.

Wordle was an affirmation of the web and what it enables for everyone. Thank you Josh! (and congratulations on the sale).


If like me, you found that it was pretty hard to Google for the games and projects that have been inspired by Wordle, I've listed a couple here:

The great thing is that many of the above versions also have their code available on github. Speaking of code, there are also many different clones using a variety of frameworks:

I do wonder if this will become the new TodoMVC.... ;)

It's even inspired some variations on the theme:

And even some tools:

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