The Failures of my First AJAX application: Part 7

This is the 7th instalment of the failures of my first AJAX application and more commonly know was "It generated no feedback from anyone at all!"

As in my previous post, when I was creating the application I had grand ideas about the people who might use this application. I had visions of thousands and thousands of people using it and having to ring up Yahoo to ask to have my 5000 daily query limit increased.

In actual fact, I was really the only person who used the application. Even though I was posting about it in my journal I didn’t receive any feedback at all from the public.

This got me thinking. Even though the application is primarily for my benefit I would dearly love other people to use it. I would also need to get people talking about it. I would also need all the information to be available in one place (regarding the AJAXTagger).

My first step to more exposure is this Blog. All my content will still be aggregated on, but this blog is designed to deliver all the information about the development and use of the application in one simple place.

My next step after this will be to promote it. I need people to start talking about it; I need people to investigate the functionality it offers; I need you to use it, break it and criticise it!

Do you have any ideas how I might do this? Email me or leave a comment. I need the feedback to make this application better for me and for you. Every comment and suggestion will be taken on board.

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