River Dee in Llangollen before and after heavy rain

One of my favourite activities is driving, specifically through hilly terrain, and North Wales is one of my preferred places to drive. As is my want, I normally pass through Llangollen.

For those who don't know, Llangollen is a town in North Wales that is set on the River Dee, and during the summer months when it's flow is slower than normal you can go out onto the rocks and paddle a little bit (warning: the flow is still strong).

Llangollen during the summer

It all changes after a heavy rain! I was driving through Llangollen last weekend (not long after Storm Dennis) and we saw that the river was a lot lot higher than normal, so we decided to pull over and take a look. 

It was incredible. The power of the river was insane, with the water nearly over the wall where the foot path is.

I encourage you to check out Llangollen rain or not :)

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