Light fork of SimpleImage for Editor.js

I love Editor.js. It’s a nice simple block editor that I use to write these posts. It has a host of good plugins that enable you to extend the capabilities of the editor, such as the SimpleImage tool that allows you to add images to the editor without having to upload them.

It’s the SimpleImage that I briefly want to talk about. It’s a good tool, but it has two problems, 1) I can only drag images on to the editor, I can’t “add” an image; 2) It uses base64 data URL’s to host the image, this is a waste of memory and it should be using blob URLs.

I wrote a simple fork that addresses these two pain points. The first is that it uses less memory because it uses blob URLs. The second is that now you can add images in when adding in a new Block to the editor.

In fact, the following images are added using this new way.

Add Image
Choose file
Image added
Picture of me smiling.

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