Ricky Mondello: Adoption of Well-Known URL for Changing Passwords

Ricky Mondello over on the Safari team just recently shared a note about how Twitter is using the ./well-known/change-password spec.

I just noticed that Twitter has adopted the Well-Known URL for Changing Passwords! Is anyone aware of other sites that have adopted it?

Twitter's implementation: https://twitter.com/.well-known/change-password Github's: https://github.com/.well-known/change-password Specification :https://github.com/WICG/change-password-url

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The feature completely passed me by but it is a neat idea: given a file in a well-known location, can the browser offer a UI to the user that allows them to quickly reset their password without having to navigate the sites complex UI..

The spec is deceptively simple: the well-known file simply contains the URL to direct the user to when they want to perform the action. This lead me in to thinking, can we offer more of these features:

The list goes on.... I really like the idea for simple redirect files to help users to discover common user actions, and for a way for the browser to surface it up.

Update: I added an issue to Chrome to see if we can get a similar implementation.

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