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Paul Kinlan

Malte Ubl: ‘Did you mean to do that?’ Me: ‘Yes, of course.’ Malte: ‘You meant to leak screenshots of Holo Android UI’ Me: ‘……….. Shit. No of course not.’ Me: 10 hours of panicing and working with the PR team.

I’m not sure Malte remembers this, but I do because it’s the genesis of LeviRoutes as a project. Well not really, I had made it for a project at Google IO in 2011 with Mike Mahemoff, however just after that I attempted to post some photos of myself with a pack Levi Roots Reggae Reggae sauce peanuts (I’m good with puns), the early version of Android that I was using selected photos as you swiped through the list of photos and my thumb must have caught a couple of screenshots.

Levi Routes is a simple Express-like URL routing framework. It was built so that our IO Reader application could use ‘real’ URLs (those that don’t use “#” syntax) from the address bar and respond to PushState events so that we can update the UI without hitting the server.

Fun fact: This library was responsible for my first ever commit to WebKit. It turned out that WebKit didn’t let you create ‘PushStateEvent’s so I couldn’t Unit Test the library… now my code is on billions of devices, but only ever used by me.

Later in 2018, I updated Levi Routes to also work inside a Service Worker.

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