New WebKit Features in Safari 12.1 | WebKit

Big updates for the latest Safari!

I thought that this was a pretty huge announcement, and the opposite of Google which a while ago said that Google Pay Lib is the recommend way to implement payments… I mean, it’s not a million miles away, Google Pay is built on top of Payment Request, but it’s not PR first.

Payment Request is now the recommended way to pay implement Apple Pay on the web.

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And my favourite feature given my history with Web Intents.

Web Share API

The Web Share API adds navigator.share(), a promise-based API developers can use to invoke a native sharing dialog provided the host operating system. This allows users to share text, links, and other content to an arbitrary destination of their choice, such as apps or contacts.

Now just to get Share Target API and we are on to a winner! :)

Picture of me smiling.

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