Maybe Our Documentation "Best Practices" Aren''t Really Best Practices

Kayce Basques, an awesome tech writer on our team wrote up a pretty amazing article about his experiences measuring how well existing documentation best-practices work for explaining technical material. Best practices in this sense can be well-known industry standards for technical writing, or it could be your own companies writing style guide. Check it out!

Recently I discovered that a supposed documentation “best practice” may not actually stand up to scrutiny when measured in the wild. I’m now on a mission to get a “was this page helpful?” feedback widget on every documentation page on the web. It’s not the end-all be-all solution, but it’s a start towards a more rigorous understanding of what actually makes our docs more helpful.

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Whilst I am not a tech writer, my role involves a huge amount of engagement with our tech writing team as well as also publishing a lot of ‘best practices’ for developers myself. I was amazed by how much depth and research Kayce has done on the art of writing modern docs through the lens of our teams content. I fully encourage you to read Kayce’s article in-depth - I learnt a lot. Thank you Kayce!

Paul Kinlan

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