Just a little something I am working on

I am currently working on a little AJAX application. Over the past few weeks, with each blog entry that I have written I have struggled to keep the Technorati Tags, Feedster and MSN search boxes up todate, with the AJAX application I will automatically be able to generate these information boxes with relevant tags and searches.

Basically it is a JavaScript only Webservice queryer. The client side parses the results and uses these results as the input for another webservice..... It's all about integration! :)

Currently it only supports Internet Explorer (IE7, and IE6), Firefox support is lacking at the moment, purely because I cannot import datasources from sites other than the current domain. I think this is a major downer really. I am quite restriced with what I can do in Firefox, but I suppose that is part and partial of the secure nature of the project. I have read about some JavaScript code signing that might work; I am yet to investigate this route though.

Currently the AJAX appliction integrates with Yahoo webservices. But it will integrate in to technorati too. I am hoping also that I can find some developer support at Feedster and see what I can do with their systems.

I need to iron out some "Key" security issues that I have, I don't particularly want to have to show the public my Yahoo! key but If I must, I must.

I hope to get I prototype up tonight so that people can break it. And I can get feed back.

More a little later. Hopefully the tags below will be generated by this tool!

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