IE Developer Tool Bar Beta 2

A Quote From the IEBlog.

Beta 2 of the developer toolbar is now available. Beta 2 includes numerous fixes to improve stability, usability and performance along with a couple of additional features such as the ability to enable and disable CSS on the page.

The developer toolbar has become an essential tool for us in diagnosing issues with web pages. Being able to click on an element in the page and find out where it is in the element hierarchy is just one of the invaluable facilities it provides.

Let us know if you have any feedback either here or at the Wiki on Channel 9 about the toolbar. We’d certainly like to hear of issues and suggestions for further improvements.

We did hear one report that the previous preview of the developer toolbar did not work with the recently released preview of beta 2 of IE7. However we have been unable to reproduce the issue. Do let us know if you have any issues with either IE6 or the IE7 preview so that we can thoroughly investigate them for final release.Thanks- Dave

It is a really handy tool, but it suffers from some serious flaws which bug me like crazy. [I have reported them too]. It simply can't outline elements in a frame correctly, all the offsets for the outlines are completly shot. Also, scollable div's seem to suffer from the same problem.

I also found if you disable CSS and then reneable it, the page is not rendered how it was originally.

Great tool but too many bugs still. Sort these issues out and I would say it is one of the best Developer tools ever :)

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