Correct image orientation for images - Chrome 81

Looks like one of the oldest bugs in Chromium has been fixed. Chrome used to display images in landscape orientation even if they were taken in portrait on a phone.

Now it appears that in Chrome 81 we will respect the image orientation from the files EXIF data and display the image in that orientation by default unless you override it with a CSS attribute image-orientation: none.

Fun times.


Picture of me smiling.

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Comments and Replies

Paul KinlanPaul Kinlan
that would have already happened for iOS and firefox.
Jacob Paris 🇨🇦Jacob Paris 🇨🇦
and every site that uses JS workaround to rotate the image based on its exif data will now be double rotating
This is a good step indeed but will rotate a lot of images with wrong exif data.
Adam ArgyleAdam Argyle
Ingo SteinkeIngo Steinke
This "feature" sounds like trouble, breaking backwards compatibility.