C# 3.0

I have just a comment in a really old post :) about C# 3.0

Functional programming is for the academia and not from the industry and should be left as such.


At first read of the comment, i seem to agree whole heartedl. However, I have had a little time to think about the statement. C# 3.0 isn’t functional programming, it takes some aspects from academia and puts them into a context where it can be used in industrin and business.

Now I am not saying a understand C# 3.0, functional programming or LINQ very well, but some of the test that I have done have made what I am doing quite clear and presentable. Now anyone new to the language might find it hard to read my tests initially but I belive it is not to hard to learn the simple things.

There are still some problems with my understanding and I still belive that the Generic Delegate syntax is hard to read :) and I also find it hard to translate the “sql” syntax to the object syntax. Ah well, more learning for me :)

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