Topicala Needs your Help

I need as many peoples helps as I can get. I am setting up a hierarchical tag directory and I need people to help me populate it.

You can add tags in to the database by simply searching for a topic via the web interface, or you can also use standard http GET requests via my “API”. Simply type in your browser address bar[TagName]

To make it hierarchical, it would be a great help if people could put a parent topical category by using the input box on the search results. For example if you seach for C#, a parent topic would be Programming Languages, or musical Notes.

You can also use the API to add a parent topical tag in by using the following query string[ParentTag]/[ChildTag]. If either the child tag or the parent tag don’t exist in the database then it will automatically create them.

Once I have a good corpus of information, I will enable it so that it will be easier for people to filter their topical search results through topicala.

I really appreciate any help you can give me!


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