Topicala Desktop

I am pleased to announce that the search engine has partnered with Rosetta Software Ltd (UK) to provide Topicala Desktop.  Topicala Desktop is an application that allows users to search Topicala from within any application on Microsoft Windows platform by simply selecting the word and pressing CTRL-T (configurable).

Imagine you are reading an email, and you come across a term you wish to look up on the Internet.  With Topicala Desktop, simply highlight the text in your email program, and hit the Topicala Desktop hotkey. Internet Explorer will appear automatically with your search results!

Topicala Desktop is an extremely handy tool for those who find themselves making frequent Internet searches throughout the day. Journalists and students for example will find Topicala Desktop the ideal tool for getting a large amount of information quickly.

The true power and flexibility of Topicala Desktop becomes apparent when you consider that Internet searches can be performed from almost any Windows application.

Perhaps you are reading a legal agreement in Microsoft Word, and you come across an unknown word or piece of terminology. Hit the Topicala Desktop hotkey, and you can be enlightened immediately.

Topicala Desktop search is created by Rosetta Software Ltd (UK) and provided free of charge to the users of Topicala. It can be downloaded and installed in minutes.

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